Making websites child's play

All management plans include:

Website design

The initial website design, any maintenance to keep it working, and the option to have a brand new website design after 5 years.

Domain name

We register a new domain name on your behalf or transfer your existing domain to our system (keeping it in your name), and automatically renew it, usually each year.

Website hosting

Your website will be hosted on our secure servers, and will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis.

SSL certificate

We attach an SSL certificate to your domain for security, and automatically renew it annually.

Professional email address(es)

No extra charge for professional email address(es) that match your chosen domain name, so you don't have to rely on @yahoo or @gmail etc.

No large upfront fee

All of the above features are included in your monthly fee. There's no large upfront cost for the website design or anything else.

Featured products

Visit our Products page to view all products and services. If you don't see what you're looking for, do get in touch.