Your website files need somewhere to live, where visitors to your website can find you. You can think of this as property. Sure, it's possible to have your own home (server) on the internet, but it's quite pricey, especially when you factor in security, maintenance and connectivity.

For most websites, it's cheaper and more convenient to rent a flat. Each website lives in its own flat, and while there may be several flats in the building, each one has its own security. Your website is therefore being 'hosted' on a shared server platform, and the hosting charge is effectively your rent.

All Website Management guests benefit from the following:

  • Unlimited webspace, so your website can expand in size as it needs, without being charged extra for going over your quota – no grief from the neighbours when your tree blocks their sunlight!
  • Unlimited bandwidth, so you are not restricted by the amount of visitors to your home
  • Unlimited subdomains, your flat can be partitioned into smaller self-contained flats to run additional mini-sites
  • Unlimited MySQL databases, simply create a new database when required without additional cost
  • Unlimited basic mailboxes, create as many 100MB mailboxes which match your domain name
  • Unlimited email forwarders, so instead of having actual mailbox, these can divert mail to an alternate email address
  • SSL Certificate, which protects your data with encryption, earns your customers' trust and helps with your Google ranking.

So you see that there's a lot more to hosting than simply housing your website files. Your email accounts, databases, security and traffic all fall under the same roof.


We offer five separate hosting packages on a pay-as-you-go basis, the only difference between each are the Email Credits, the system we use for premium mailboxes.

  • Hosting 0 is simply the hosting package without any additional premium email credits
  • Hosting 1 includes 1 Email Credit
  • Hosting 2 includes 2 Email Credits
  • Hosting 4 includes 4 Email Credits
  • Hosting 8 includes 8 Email Credits

A 2GB mailbox is 1 credit, a 5GB Exchange Basic mailbox is 2 credits, a 50GB Exchange 2019 mailbox is 4 credits, and a 100GB Exchange 2019 mailbox is 8 credits. How you assign your email credits is up to you. With Hosting 8 for example, you could have a 50GB mailbox (as your main email address) and two 5GB mailboxes for two Directors or departments.

When you sign up to a Hosting package, we'll get that up and running first, then contact you to enquire how you would like the Email Credits used. You don't have to use them all straight away. Additional Email Credits can be purchased as needs be.

Apple users do not despair – Exchange mailboxes work absolutely fine on Apple devices – I can personally testify to that!

For Management Plan clients, you get 2 Email Credits on Lite, and 4 Email Credits on Pro. Hosting is included in your plan, so you do not need to order below.


Use the links below to purchase your hosting plan via Stripe. On completion, you will be redirected to a short questionnaire so that we can register your account.

Hosting 0 – £5 per month

Hosting 1 – £10 per month

Hosting 2 – £15 per month

Hosting 4 – £20 per month

Hosting 8 – £25 per month