It can be very frustrating when your email suddenly stops working. You contact your website services provider to give them an earful but it turns out that you forgot to renew the domain name, and it's not only your email that's down, but your website too.

With everything going on around us, it's easy to overlook the renewal of a service. Perhaps you need to make an urgent update to your website but it's been so long since the last time, you're not sure how to do it.

At Website Management, we take care of all your website services, and if you're just starting out, you've come to the right place.

Our Management Plans include:

  • Domain names – we can register your preferred domain name on your behalf, in your name, and we'll also ensure it automatically renews next year.
  • Website hosting – before your website goes live, it will need a place to live. You can host your website securely on our shared server, and we'll automatically renew your hosting plan.
  • SSL Certificate – we will ensure that your website data is secure by installing an SSL certificate to your domain. This not only earns your customers' trust, but also helps with your Google rating. We automatically renew this for you each year.
  • Matching professional email addresses – now you have your domain, such as, you can create as many matching emails accounts (100MB) as you like, such as in this example, or sales@ etc. 
  • Email Credits – these allow you to have a larger email account(s), starting from 5GB.
  • Website design – we will create your website from scratch (or from one of our existing templates if you're pushed for time), and NEVER from Wordpress, although you can still have the option of logging in to an Admin area and make certain changes yourself.
  • Website changes – as well as ongoing maintenance on your website, we are happy to make monthly changes to your website on your behalf.
  • New website design – after being with us for 5 years, you can have a completely new website design, should you feel it needs a major refresh/revamp. It's not compulsory, anytime you see fit after 5 years.
  • Unlimited webspace – keep adding to your website, be that pages, images or videos. We will not penalise you when you outgrow your allotted storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – neither will we penalise you if you become the world's most popular website (as long as you remember we helped you get there).
  • Unlimited subdomains – you can have many mini-sites connected to your domain.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases – simply create a new one, or we can do it for you.

All of this is covered by a small monthly fee. NO LARGE UPFRONT COST, not even for the website design. Simply sign up, and let's get cracking!


We have the following Management Plans available;

Lite – This plan comes with 2 Email Credits and is aimed at simpler, static websites. We can incorporate our CMS-Lite package, which will allow you to make changes to text and images yourself, by logging in to an Admin area. If that's not your scene, we will also make minor monthly changes to the website on your behalf.

Pro – This plan comes with 4 Email Credits and is for more pro-active websites. We can incorporate our CMS-Pro package, which allows you to make many changes to the website for yourself, not simply text and images, but galleries, file downloads, video, password protection, news feeds and blogs, which allow you to create additional pages of content when you choose. If you'd rather we did all the work, we allow you two hours of monthly updates to the website.


Before ordering, click the Onboarding link at the bottom of the page. This contains our contract and onboarding questionnaire. When you are happy with these, use the links below to begin your Management plan via Stripe.

Management Lite – £30 per month

Management Pro – £60 per month