Domain Names

What is a Domain Name?

The Domain Name is an easy way for you and your (potential) customers to remember your website address. In actual fact, it's more of a nickname which links to the server where your website files are stored. A domain name can link to any server you choose, so you could own several domain names which all point to the one website.

Domain names are registered for a year at a time and vary in price depending on the Top Level Domain (TLD), which is the end part after the last dot. Finding the idea domain name ending with .com or is going to be harder now, since they have been around for longer. To counteract this, there are now many new and increasing numbers of TLD to help such as .solutions and .london .

You can use our Domain Name Registration page below to see what is available, or click here to open the actual page.

Website Management

A domain name to the value of £15 is included in your subscription. Search for availability first, then contact us to place the order on your behalf.

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