Website Management

Why do I need Website Management?

A website needs three main ingredients: the website design, website hosting, and a domain name.

The domain name links to the website design files being hosted on a server. All three of which, you can purchase separately from one or different suppliers. You can buy a domain name from one source, have a website designed by someone else, then have it hosted by a third. That's when it starts to get complicated.

Not only that, but the hosting and domain name need to renewed. If you don't, your website will disappear from the internet, your emails (if linked to that domain name) will stop working, and worse still, a competitor could buy your former name. Six months down the line, you might need to make a change to the website. You may also have an SSL certificate and other services connected to your website, which too need to be renewed. If these are not updates, they can cause disruption to part or all of your website.

Our management plans aim to remove all the hassle by doing these things for you.

For a small on-going monthly fee, we:

  • Register a domain name for you, and automatically renew it each year
  • We design the website for you, and once it is live, we will even make monthly changes to it
  • We will host the website for you, and renew that service too
  • Include a Simple SSL certificate for your website, and renew that each year
  • Provide you with a main 10 GB mailbox, and renew the service
  • Design you a brand new website if required after 5 years

Website Design Questions

Do I still pay for the website design upfront?

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Management plans is that there is no upfront website design cost. We start working on your website once we receive your first monthly payment. Each management plan has a minimum term of 24 months so essentially your website design cost is spread over 2 years.

Can I edit the website myself?

We will discuss your needs before we begin creating your website. If you wish to be able to make edits yourself, we will incorporate one of our Content Management Systems (CMS) into the design. This will allow you to login to the website, and make changes to the content.

There are two levels of CMS:

  • Standard will allow you to edit text, swap photos and videos.
  • Pro features galleries, slideshows, ratings, toggle extra content areas, file uploads/downloads, and blogs which allow you to create extra pages to the website

If we are to make all the edits on your behalf, the VIP plan is designed for more extensive projects.

How long does it take to produce my website?

That all depends on the complexity of your project, which we will discuss with you before you sign-up. Most websites are ready within 2-4 weeks, and we can have a holding page in place the same day, so you instantly have a website presence.

Another great benefit of the Management plans is that the website is in constant development, or at least it should be. You could have a holding page on day one, another five pages during the first month, and further pages as and when you're ready. In fact, Google prefers your website to be constantly evolving, as fresh content appeals to the visitor and encourages them to return to your site. Google is likely to boost your ranking as a result.

With CMS Pro, the blog feature of the CMS automatically creates a new page on your website when ever you create a new blog post. Don't be put off by the name, as Blog is a highly flexible tool for creating new content, not only for blogs, but as product pages, reviews, reports, personnel profiles, menus, etc.

Can I sell products through the website?

Yes, we can add products to sell and link to payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal.

If you have any products to sell, you may be better with one of our E-commerce plans, which incorporate a dedicated store platform (usually PrestaShop). Please click here to learn more.

Will it be a WordPress website?

We do not use WordPress. With our Management plans, we design your website from scratch and do not use template-based systems, giving us more control over the design, layout and functionality of the site.

Having said that, our E-commerce plans are generally built using the PrestaShop platform. These do offer a degree of flexibility regarding colours and content layout.

Website Hosting Questions

What kind of hosting package is it?

You are put on our Hosting Pro package. This gives you the following unlimited* features:

  • Webspace - for storing your website files
  • Bandwidth - the permitted traffic to your website
  • 1GB email addresses - create unlimited email accounts for all staff or eventualities @yourdomain
  • Email forwarding - where mail to one account is redirected to another, for holiday cover or privacy
  • Email autoresponders - automatic replies when you are away from the office for days at a time
  • Subdomains - for mini sites
  • FTP accounts - setup additional FTP accounts for separate users
  • MariaDB databases - store data linked to your website, for sales, inventories, registration forms, etc

*subject to our Fair Use policy (you're not trying to be the next YouTube, Facebook or Google!)

You will also receive:

  • Simple SSL certificate for you domain to encrypt data
  • 1x 10GB mailbox to uses as your main account (such as info@)
  • Over 30 app installers
  • Selection of templates, fonts and images for use on your project
  • Loads of tools available from our hosting control panel

Do I really need a SSL certificate?

The SSL certificates encrypts data on your website and is essential for websites that collect any form of customer data, such as registration forms and product sales.

Websites which do not collect any data are also recommended to have a SSL certificate, since this is another bonus in your search engine ranking. It applies a padlock icon in the address bar of your browser, and gives your visitors an additional sense of safety when using your website.

However, if your website links to external webpages which are not protected by SSL, this can invalidate your security. In such cases, we recommend you either ask the destination site to get a certificate, or consider not linking to them in the first place.

Where are my website files stored, for Data Protection purposes?

For the purposes of Data Protection Law, we act as your Processor, you are the Controller, and our servers are based in England.

Management Plan Comparison

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  • Enter your preferred domain name on page 2
  • Complete the Website Design Brief and Client Details on page 3
  • Read the terms and conditions from page 4
  • If you are happy to proceed, save the completed document and send it to us using the email link at the bottom of page 2.
Once we have discussed the website with you, please sign-up below.

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